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Leveraging Basic Research Information Translation for Empowerment in the Regions Program

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BRITER is the first step of NRCP to research translation before the new scientific findings are picked up by applied research. The BRITER will use policy briefs and advisories as inputs for science-based policy-making, increased public and community engagements through various forms, and publications as methods for basic research translations.

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BRITER bridges the gap between knowledge creation/generation and knowledge utilization by the stakeholders, reinforce NRCP’s primary mandates of providing policy services and promoting and supporting basic research in the country, promote the culture of science and increase the competitiveness of scientists and institutions in the country, particularly those in the regions. Regionality has always been the strength of the Council with member-experts engaged in teaching, research, and extension services in various regions all over the country.


Back 2 Basic

Back 2 Basic, or B2B, is an avenue to present difficult theories or science concepts in popular language and in a fun way using videos and infographics specifically designed for for Grade 10 students. Other interested audiences like kids, students, teachers, and the general public may watch the science lessons. B2B intends to spire greater understanding and appreciation of the importance on basic concepts that may lead to further research or thinking.

Expert Class

Expert Class is a platform for advisory or advocacy where science will be used to discuss and explain current issues. By engaging the public in further discourse on a topic of national interest, we hope to achieve greater awareness on science-based recommendations for policy-making. All these are for the ultimate goal of enhancing a science culture among Filipinos.



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